Running A Marathon. Training Plan Week 7. A World (of Tooth) Hurt.

Training Plan: Week 7/30. Magnificent For The Pain!!
Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. Magnificent For The Pain!!

Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. A World Of (Tooth) Hurt…

Running Do’s: If You Get A Tooth Abscess Take A Hammer To It

Running Don’ts:  A weak core will undermine your efforts to run faster and stronger.

Background: I have signed up to the London Marathon 2015, having never run before and recently having undergone major knee surgery (twice). This diary captures the highs and lows of my attempts to get fit enough to run the marathon in April 2015.

Running The London Marathon For Mind

Running The London Marathon For Mind

I am running for the mental health charity MindPlease donate on my Virgin Just Giving page – every single penny I raise goes directly to Mind and helping people with their mental health – thank you.

I am following a 30 week marathon training schedule defined by Jeff Galloway the US Olympic Marathon runner. Jeff espouses the run – walk – run method which enables you to gradually build up your strength and endurance.

Week 7 Schedule: 10 Miles (15 sec run/45 sec walk), 2 X 60 min cadence and track sessions

Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. A Tooth Abscess - No Laughing Matter !!

Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. A Tooth Abscess – No Laughing Matter !!

Weekly Diary: I felt a bit rough after I had run the 10k with Mind at the weekend. On the train on the way home, I started to get a throbbing pain in my jaw on the left hand side and this quickly travelled up to my left ear. I just popped a couple of painkillers and hoped it would go away. Unfortunately the opposite happened – the throbbing got worse and worse and by the following morning I was feeling very sorry for myself. I spoke to the dentist and they sorted me with some antibiotics which they said would kick in after 48 hours – in the meantime I had taken to popping painkillers like they were smarties and pacing up and down the lounge like a caged animal. No matter what I did – no matter what I took – the pain would simply not subside. All thoughts of running had gone out of the window – I just had to get this sorted.

24 hours slowly ground to 48 hours and there was still no sign of improvement. This was not bloody funny – still it did put the discomfort in my Achilles into perspective! The bizzare thing was – that no matter what painkiller I took – they just didn’t work. Even the heavy duty gear like Tramadol (which I got from the local A&E) which could knock out a Woolly Mammoth wasn’t doing a damn thing for my throbbing knashers. I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!"

Running A Marathon. Training Plan: Week 7/30. “Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!”

My world of hurt also coincided with my dentist going AWOL on a course for 2 days on a course to Winchester or something. By this time I was searching in the garage for a Medieval utensil that I could use to prize the offending tooth out of my mouth. I was even tempted by some Absinthe (which I still reckon would have done the trick – even if it meant a lifetime of hallucinations it would have been worth it).

When I eventually saw my dentist he tried to coax me into keeping the tooth – it was only when I threatened him with physical violence that he came to his senses and agreed to take the bloody thing out. I have never been so pleased to see a needle full of anesthetic. After a few whacks with a hammer the offending tooth was removed – complete with infection. The offending article had been cracked from top to bottom and no amount of root canal treatment would have ever saved this bad boy.

There was no running this week. Even Jeff felt sorry for me (I think!).

My name is Andrew and I live in the UK. I am married with 3 girls.

After a career as a Management Consultant spanning 20+ years, I left the bright lights of the city and am focusing my attention on Leadership Coaching and Development. In truth, I felt there was more to life than Microsoft PowerPoint and I have always enjoyed people development and while life as a freelancer scares the bejesus out of me – it has given me renewed energy.

At the same time as changing job, I wanted to take the opportunity to get fit again. When I say “fit” I mean properly fit. Not just a couple of weeks of effort followed by months inactivity (other than talking about getting fit and buying loads of gear) until my next ‘fitness fad’ came around!!

So back in October 2014, I decided that enough was enough and I was going try and start running – again! The challenge was that I was over-weight, really lacked any self-belief or had any real idea of where to start next. My state of mind was not helped by the fact I had recently undergone a series of knee operations which had had a slow (and painful) rehabilitation!

Despite all of this negativity, I found myself really wanting to run a marathon. On one hand it felt completely impossible, but on the other if felt like a real tangible goal, which, if I could achieve it would instil real belief and pride that I had achieved something special. I could have chosen the half-marathon – which is also a tough nut to crack – but in my head it had to be the full 26.2 miles. I really wanted to say that I was “a marathon runner”.

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