Running A Marathon. Training Plan Week 8. Back Up And Running.

Running A Marathon Training Plan: Week 8/30
Running A Marathon Training Plan: Week 8/30

Running A Marathon Training Plan: Week 8/30. Back Up And Running….

Running Do’s: Plain water during a race/long run is absorbed quicker and typically less nauseating. Marathon medical experts recommend 30-60ml each mile and to not exceed 600ml of fluid an hour.

Running Don’ts: You can’t argue with the old adage ‘Be Safe Be Seen’. Relying on ‘high viz trims’ on your running gear to light you up at night won’t cut it. Cars will struggle to see you (and the drivers) so get some proper high viz gear.

Background: I have signed up to the London Marathon 2015, having never run before and recently having undergone major knee surgery.

Running A Marathon For Mental Health Charity Mind

Running A Marathon For Mental Health Charity Mind

I am running for the mental health charity Mind. Please feel free to donate on my Virgin Just Giving page – every single penny I raise goes directly to Mind and helping people with their mental health – thank you.

For once in my life I am trying approach this in a sensible and realistic way. I am following a 30 week marathon running programme that has been defined for me by Jeff Galloway the American Olympic Marathon runner. Jeff espouses the run – walk- run method which enables you to gradually build up your strength, endurance and speed.

Weeks Programme: 10 Miles (4 walking, 6 running at 15 sec run/15 sec walk), 2 X 60 min cadence and track sessions

Weekly Diary: To be honest I was feeling pretty apprehensive about running this week. The pain of the infection and the subsequent removal of my tooth was still weighing on me physically and mentally. I felt flat. Because of the dental abscess I hadn’t slept or eaten well for the previous week. That combined with the achilles challenge and the fact that my training plan had gone out of the window – left me wondering whether it was achievable worth it.

Anyway – having felt sorry of myself for long enough – I just got up and went for it. I focused on a short session, determined just to get up and running again and not to worry about times, distances etc. Surprisingly, things turned out pretty well. I was able to 5 x 800m using a variety of run walk ratios (15/45, 30/30 and 15/15) and I handled them well enough. I was slower than in previous sessions but felt fine and my achilles was fine. All round I was happy and pleased to be going again.

My long session for the week was a 10 miler – comfortably the furthest I had ever run in my life. Having had a good short session a couple of days earlier had given me confidence. I suppose running a ‘two-digit’ distance perhaps made it start to feel real, different and exciting. My target was to walk 4 miles and run/walk 6 at a ratio of 15 sec run/15 sec walk.

As I was walking the first 4 miles I used the first mile as a warm up too. I was feeling quite perky and very tempted to start running early – but resisted. What was the point of having a bespoke training plan from an Olympic marathon runner just to ignore it!! My mum would be so proud of how I have matured.

The weather was really pleasant – cold and clear. I chose to run a single 10 mile circuit which took me out of the town, into the surrounding countryside and back into town again. Having decided to ditch my headphones (mainly due to not hearing traffic + the fact that many events don’t allow you to wear them) I suddenly became much more aware of the the details of my environment the different noises, sights and smells. I was also better able to really focus on my breathing, posture and form –  I could change my mind/get bored but for now no headphones was the way forward – sorry Kanye.

The run itself was enjoyable. I had a wobble around mile 7 where my energy levels dropped. By miles 8/9 though I seemed to have found my strength again and when I got to the 10 mile mark I definitely felt I could have gone on running for longer. I was sorely tempted just to see how far I could go – but once in my life I ignored the voices in my head and gently warmed down. The last thing I wanted was a broken down Achilles or Shin Splints.

I should say a word on nutrition and energy – this was the first time I had used gels. I used a UK brand called High 5 and just drank water. The advice I was given was to drink an average of 30-60ml every mile and take in around 15-20 cals per mile. At the moment I am very much in experiment mode with which gels etc. – I have to say though the gels definitely made a difference and the water intake felt right too for the weather – for once I didn’t have to keep stopping for a ‘comfort break’.

Next long run 13 miles!! Might as well make it 13.1.

My name is Andrew and I live in the UK. I am married with 3 girls.

After a career as a Management Consultant spanning 20+ years, I left the bright lights of the city and am focusing my attention on Leadership Coaching and Development. In truth, I felt there was more to life than Microsoft PowerPoint and I have always enjoyed people development and while life as a freelancer scares the bejesus out of me – it has given me renewed energy.

At the same time as changing job, I wanted to take the opportunity to get fit again. When I say “fit” I mean properly fit. Not just a couple of weeks of effort followed by months inactivity (other than talking about getting fit and buying loads of gear) until my next ‘fitness fad’ came around!!

So back in October 2014, I decided that enough was enough and I was going try and start running – again! The challenge was that I was over-weight, really lacked any self-belief or had any real idea of where to start next. My state of mind was not helped by the fact I had recently undergone a series of knee operations which had had a slow (and painful) rehabilitation!

Despite all of this negativity, I found myself really wanting to run a marathon. On one hand it felt completely impossible, but on the other if felt like a real tangible goal, which, if I could achieve it would instil real belief and pride that I had achieved something special. I could have chosen the half-marathon – which is also a tough nut to crack – but in my head it had to be the full 26.2 miles. I really wanted to say that I was “a marathon runner”.

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